Medical Equipment/ Devices

Microwave Disinfectant - Pre-treatment of Biomedical Waste

Designed, developed by SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research) and patented by Govt. of India. OptiMaserTM is an alternative "Non Burn Technology" or Point of Generation disinfection & sterilization of biomedical waste. It kills all virulent Microorganisms including (Bacterial spores, Viruses of HIV, Hepatitis, AIDS, Vegetative germs, Fungi, Parasites etc.) With eight patented cycles, it safely disinfects metallic needles, syringes, plastics, blood plasma, linen, plastic catheters and other medical waste. With efficacy of Log 9 (Efficacy Study conducted by Haffkine - Mumbai, SGPGI- Pune, and many more) it's non-contact technology ensures uniform heating & disinfection. This plug and play device is very easy to use and install on site and does not require much space.

So far, 150 units have been installed across premier Institutes and Research organizations including AIIMS (all Hospitals), Railway Hospitals, State Hospitals etc. in past three years. In addition, OptiMaserTM meets several international Regulatory compliance including Basel and Stockholm International conventions on management of medical waste and has also been approved by Central Pollution Control Board.

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